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I'll admit, when I first heard the expression "hero shot" about 10 years ago, I didn't know what it meant. Mainly because I only started shifting more towards commercial photographer in the past decade after nearly 20 years doing editorial work. While the term was unfamiliar, the idea is pretty straight forward: make a good image. This was especially true back in the days of print when I worked regularly for The New York Times (see...


The photograph below was taken at Boeing Field airport yesterday, testing a new 200-500mm Nikon lens, at full 500mm zoom. It's a bit of a beast of a lens but combined with a Nikon D850 camera, took this beautiful image of one of the last Boeing 727s in service departing for Kansas City. Old plane meet new lens! It'll be a great lens for industrial work where I can't get close, plus my kids' soccer matches! I got lucky with the light and...


Links below to watch both of the episodes I was featured in for Arirang TV's "In Frame" series. The twelve-part series on Korea's national TV network followed mostly Magnum photographers around the country but when I was asked to do two episodes I agreed on one condition, I could photograph in the southern port city of Busan. I had been to Korea many times before but never to Busan and because it was where my wife was born, and later adopted...


Nice half-pager in this week's Washington Post for a piece on Seattle lawyer Bill Marler, "food safety crusader", and the first lawyer to sue Jack in the Box after the 1993 e-Coli outbreak. Online here.

These kinds of...


One of the few benefits of my all-boys British schooling is the ability to talk cricket with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Of course, once I got him started at a shoot earlier this month, I couldn't get him to stop!

Here, photographed for Fortune Magazine in a meeting with the company's leadership team.

Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 5.30.58 PM.png

Great to see my images up on landscape architects Site Workshop's landing page! Over 6 years of work, some including my kids as models.


Need a complete overhaul of your website with a mix of location industrial images, office life and headshots? I can do that. Lots of clients these days need to update their webpages - old HTML 2 & 3 websites (some still running Flash!) needing to be upgraded to HTML 5 sites, that work on desktops, laptops and phones, with images that scale to a screen's size. Many clients mention one main reason for the update - the search for new, young...


Climbing down into yet another construction hole! This time for Seattle builders WG Clark, photographing work on a new condominium going up in South Lake Union. Always lucky when you get a sunny day in Seattle to do a construction shoot. Also, another day to be reminded that immigrants make this country great.


Recent work for one of my favorite clients, urban landscape architects Site Workshop. The firm has worked on extensive projects on the growing Amazon campus which I have shot in the past, including their now famous Spheres. Last week, though, it was a small public park right across the street from Amazon's campus, called Triangle Park which opened just a week before but is already...


Images for a recent shoot for Buhler, a large German engineering firm who helped build one of largest malting plants in the USA in Pocatello, Idaho, making malt for large and small American beer makers. It was one of the few times I preferred being outside in 90°F degree than inside the kiln at 150°F! This was a fast paced shoot, all done in one day, covering the 3 main processes of making malt plus other images of the plant. It was also not...


Images from a photo shoot for Seattle-based ship builders Vigor last week. A gorgeous Wednesday morning out over Puget Sound shooting one of their coast guard response boats. The boats can hit a top speed of close to 42 knots, nearly 50 mph. Shot by helicopter, piloted by the steady hand of Jay Barton from Helicopters Northwest. Try doing this from a drone!


Sometimes you need Photoshop to make an interesting image, or in this case a mix of Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop. When I saw the Apollo 11 capsule on display at Seattle's Museum of Flight this week, I knew right away how the image could be 'fixed'. If I shot this for a newspaper I would have to call it an illustration but as I shot this purely for myself, no need. When people ask if I miss working with film, I sometimes laugh, because film...


Lamalera, Indonesia is one of the last places on earth where traditional whale hunts exist. The men of the village take to the sea in 12-metre-long wood boats powered by oars...


Recent work for SAP/Concur now up on their homepage. Three exhausting days (plus 5 scouting and production) with a crew of about 15, working three different stories across Puget Sound. This one on Sound Transit who loaned us a train for a half day!


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