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Recent work for The Washington Post on the rise of far right politics in Washington State, with work on three main subjects, from left to right: Peter Diaz of American Wolf, Matt Marshall, founder of the Washington 3 Percent and Loren Culp, a small town sheriff running for...

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It's no better time to remember the importance for photographers to look for small, local businesses to shoot for and not always be chasing the big name clients. It's always great to find a local business that is willing to invest in high quality work and recognizes how important that investment is to their business. The old adage holds true - you have to spend money to make money. This photo shoot was for...


No nicer place to be in a newspaper than page one, above the fold. In Tuesday's Washington Post for a piece on vaccine trials for COVID-19 here in Seattle.

Ian Haydon (photographed here in Seattle) writing about the trials and errors of being injected with a covid-19 vaccine. You can read the full article...


I’ve always been the kind of photographer who loves to take on any challenge, photographing many genres and styles of work. If I were a musician I could never stick to one style, I’d always be experimenting; bluegrass one day, heavy metal the next. My only consistent standard is to make images that are natural and authentic. My latest shoot for...


Image of the USS Manchester, an independence-class littoral combat ship, moored at Vigor shipyards in Seattle for repairs, now up on the shipbuilder's website.


Clouds this morning over Seattle pretty trying to explain the state of affairs in this country today.


Buzzing my home on the way back from a shoot for the US Navy (an "essential service"). Not sure who was happier, my family having me out of the house or me getting out of the house. This is how photographers social distance, in a helicopter.


My images used in Par Pacific's annual report. The images taken just as the lockdown on Washington State was starting, leaving essential services (such as refineries) open. Lots of elbow handshakes and hand washing but it feels like the images are from another time! I'm looking forward to getting back to a somewhat new normal.


Links below to watch both of the episodes I was featured in for Arirang TV's "In Frame" series. The twelve-part series on Korea's national TV network followed mostly Magnum photographers around the country but when I was asked to do two episodes I agreed on one condition, I could photograph in the southern port city of Busan. I had been to Korea many times before but never to Busan and because it was where my wife was born, and later adopted...

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"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry" - From 'To a Mouse' by Robert Burns

The new norm is, in some ways, just like an old norm for me since I was based in Japan and traveling in Asia during the 2003 SARS epidemic. However, it's pretty clear that in terms of scale and destruction, COVID-19 will be far worse than SARS and far worse for our industry, photography, so often based on travel and social interactions. I was joking...


I'll admit, when I first heard the expression "hero shot" about 10 years ago, I didn't know what it meant. Mainly because I only started shifting more towards commercial photographer in the past decade after nearly 20 years doing editorial work. While the term was unfamiliar, the idea is pretty straight forward: make a good image. This was especially true back in the days of print when I worked regularly for The New York Times (see...


The photograph below was taken at Boeing Field airport yesterday, testing a new 200-500mm Nikon lens, at full 500mm zoom. It's a bit of a beast of a lens but combined with a Nikon D850 camera, took this beautiful image of one of the last Boeing 727s in service departing for Kansas City. Old plane meet new lens! It'll be a great lens for industrial work where I can't get close, plus my kids' soccer matches! I got lucky with the light and...


Nice half-pager in this week's Washington Post for a piece on Seattle lawyer Bill Marler, "food safety crusader", and the first lawyer to sue Jack in the Box after the 1993 e-Coli outbreak. Online here.

These kinds of...


One of the few benefits of my all-boys British schooling is the ability to talk cricket with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Of course, once I got him started at a shoot earlier this month, I couldn't get him to stop!

Here, photographed for Fortune Magazine in a meeting with the company's leadership team.