Aerial & Drone

Aerial photography from both helicopters and drone, with a Part 107 Remote Pilot license from the FAA. While I prefer to use helicopters for aerial photography, drones are more useful for low altitude, more detailed work, especially in urban spaces. I’ve shot numerous aerial assignments for my regular shipbuilding clients Vigor Industrial, Pacific Ship & Austal. Other clients include photographing Microsoft’s sprawling Redmond campus against the Cascade Mountains, local landscape architects Site Workshop and photo shoots of US Navy destroyers undergoing sea trials.



vigor.aerial_94 copy.jpg

Vigor Shipyards. Seattle, WA

DJI_0148 copy.jpg

Downtown Bellevue Tunnel. Bellevue, WA

space.needle.aerial_003 copy.jpg

Space Needle redesign

boeing737.max_008 copy.jpg

Boeing 737 Max

MV.samish.vigor_09 copy.jpg

New ferry from Vigor Shipyards. Seattle, WA

AWIP.DRONE.Web.Industries_142-Edit copy.jpg

Web Industries Factory Site


Vigor Shipyards

vigor.aerial.2018_0048-3 copy.jpg

Vigor Shipyards

seattle.aerial_19 copy.jpg

Seattle Waterfront

AAA.OFFICE_2400-3 copy.jpg

AAA Washington Headquarters.


Bellevue, WA

vigor.pilot.boat_099 copy.jpg

Pilot boats. Seattle, WA

vigor.wash.marine_044 copy.jpg

Vigor Shipyards. Port Angeles, WA

seattle.aerial_28 copy.jpg

Downtown Seattle.


Herron Island

microfishing.washington_066 copy.jpg

Fishing in Puget Sound


Smith Tower, Seattle.

DSC_1388 copy.jpg

Artists at Play Playground

MSFT.aerial_017 copy.jpg

Microsoft Campus. Redmond, WA


US Navy Destroyer.

seattle.waterfront.aerial_027 copy.jpg

Port of Seattle.

SFFD.FIREBOAT_012-5 copy.jpg

Fireboat sea trials. Seattle, WA


Rescue Boat sea trials