Where it all started - Part two

Soon after I started meeting families at the Cambodian temple on Argyle Street in Chicago (see part one of these blog posts), I would notice groups of young men lurking in the back of the temple during events. They'd come in, meet some family obligation, but quickly leave to hang out on the corners of Argyle Street and Glenwood Avenue, about a block away. The photos here start at the corner, the home of the Loco Boyz, where I spent much of the following three years with Gino, Bobby, Thy, Nouen, Tino and Rikki. They welcomed me into their brotherhood and their homes. I traveled with the young men as they visited friends around the city, across the state and across the country in Long Beach and Bakersfield, California. All were born in Cambodia, many during the war and Khmer Rouge genocide and despite their struggles, showed me immense generosity as I followed them with my cameras.

cambo.gang_005 copy.jpg
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