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The Big Picture - Aerials

I realize drones are all the rage these days but I’ll admit a serious prejudice against using them for aerial still photography. I call it the ‘big picture’, the ability to use a full resolution DSLR Nikon camera with high quality lenses that can cover both wide views and tighter views. Just try strapping that kind of gear to a drone!

I’m not totally against drones, they're great for video and low altitude work but if you want get high and wide, with high quality digital files shot through beautiful Nikon lenses, you have to use a helicopter. Many clients don’t realize how cheap they are, hourly rates start at about $250 for a R22 out of Seattle’s Boeing Field, just a minute's flying time from downtown Seattle. There’s also a lot of yahoos out there with drones without proper FAA licenses or insurance, so be careful who you hire.

I’ve shot numerous aerial assignments, including for my regular shipbuilding client Vigor, Microsoft’s sprawling Redmond campus, local landscape architects and technical shoots of destroyers for the US Navy far out over the water. So if you need aerials, go for the big picture!

Plus, you can take your kids to work in a helicopter (right). Try doing that with a drone.

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Space Needle
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Sometimes I bring my kids along!