Making Sausage

Selects from a recent shoot working with Seattle-based Blackwing Creative for McGee Air Services, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines that operates all the ground crews at Seatac airport servicing their fleet of planes. Besides doing a complete website redesign, the images are also needed for recruitment, as travel starts to pick up in 2021. Being a regular and loyal customer of Alaska, it was great being on the other side of that little window to see how the sausage really gets made - while we sit in the comfort of the plane's cabin, with our coffees and magazines (or more likely, our phones), these hard working folks are just feet from us, fighting the elements, the noise, engine exhaust and all the other hazards of being on the tarmac. It was great to spend a day with the workers who really make flying possible - the pilots may get all the glory, but it's the people we see out those windows, buzzing around the plane, that are really making things fly.

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