Get it in camera!

Sometimes you need Photoshop to make an interesting image, or in this case a mix of Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop. When I saw the Apollo 11 capsule on display at Seattle's Museum of Flight this week, I knew right away how the image could be 'fixed'. If I shot this for a newspaper I would have to call it an illustration but as I shot this purely for myself, no need. When people ask if I miss working with film, I sometimes laugh, because film was so limiting in so many ways. However, what I miss about film was that it trained you to be a better photographer, to get the image in camera. But for a shot like this it would have required having the space to myself with no public, plus stands, lights, assistants, hanging massive black cloth backdrops, blocking out all the light etc etc. A full day's work and insanely expensive, and that's if you could get permission.

Or I could just fix it in Photoshop. Before and after images below.