Editorial Chops

While I do far less editorial photography these days, it's always good to occasionally have a newspaper assignment thrown at you at the last minute, to test my editorial chops. On Monday I drove up to Mt. Rainier National Park on assignment for the Washington Post to photograph the first day of the end of the federal shutdown, as National Park employees literally had to dig their way out of the whole created by the closure of many government offices. 5am wake up, 3 hour drive, remote location with lots of unpredictable factors, same day deadline. No problem.

Mt.Rainier.reopening_027 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_005 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_002 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_012 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_021-2 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_023-2 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_027 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_008 copy.jpg
Mt.Rainier.reopening_018 copy.jpg