Back to the Spheres

Seattle-based landscape architects, Site Workshop, asked me to return to Block 19, Amazon's headquarters in Seattle, where they completed both exterior and interior landscaping and plantings for the project. I spent a few days out there a year ago so was a little skeptical about going back, but it's pretty amazing how much has changed as people flock to the area & nearby buildings are being completed. It still makes my head spin walking through this neighborhood; when we arrived in Seattle over a decade ago it was filled with little more than single floor buildings and large parking lots. It reminds me in many ways of the transformation of the Pudong neighborhood in Shanghai that started in the 1990s and continues, but with better public spaces, transit and bike lanes.

Did I mention the dogs? It seems millennials like their dogs.

amazon.block19_0219 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0008 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0023 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0035 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0071 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0079 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0087 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0095 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0100 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0104 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0125 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0126 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0168 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0191 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0210 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0214 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0219 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0229 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0231 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0245 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0256 copy.jpg
amazon.block19_0080 copy.jpg