Always Be Moving

Advice to young photographers? Always be moving, always be working. This is especially true when no work is coming in and you're struggling, because you never know what you might hit upon.

Here, an edit of images taken while wandering the streets of Beijing in the spring of 2000 with my Contax G2, doing some street photography. One of the last images of the day eventually made a book cover a few years later, Kerry Brown's "Struggling Giant".

It was a quiet week in the city waiting and hoping for an assignment with Time Magazine to come through and the book cover eventually covered the expenses of what was a directionless time. I spent the first few days in my hotel moping, watching movies in my room, reading, hanging out in coffee shops to mope some more. Then I went out and bought 10 rolls of Kodak Tri-X and decided to hit the streets. No plan, no goals, except to try and do some interesting street photography.

china.bw_009 copy.jpg
china.bw_003 copy.jpg
china.bw_006 copy.jpg
china.bw_007 copy.jpg
china.bw_010 copy.jpg
china.bw_011 copy.jpg