10 days, 5 cities, 20,000+ images - Coffman Engineers

Need a complete overhaul of your website with a mix of location industrial images, office life and headshots? I can do that. Lots of clients these days need to update their webpages - old HTML 2 & 3 websites (some still running Flash!) needing to be upgraded to HTML 5 sites, that work on desktops, laptops and phones, with images that scale to a screen's size. Many clients mention one main reason for the update - the search for new, young talent. Attracting new employees requires modern websites with authentic images of real employees at work. Not heavily produced, staid, stock images running 500 pixels max like it's still 2008! The work here for Coffman Engineers was just for that purpose - to update their website, attract talent, and modernize the marketing image of the company. A great team to work with who really understood the power of authentic images.