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A feature I photographed in 2006 for the New York Times on the decaying palaces of Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta). It was the last project I shot on slide film, Fuji Provia 100. I would love to return and shoot digitally. Image gallery below.

LIGO - Aidan Brooks

Extreme because it was 110F outside when I photographed Dr. Aidan Brooks this week on the Hanford Nuclear reservation next to one of the 4km long tubes that contain the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory or LIGO.

The laser in the tubes can detect a change of less than a ten-thousandth the charge diameter of a proton, equivalent to measuring the distance from Earth to Proxima Centauri (24.94 trillion miles from earth)...


Watch the first of two episodes I was featured in for Arirang TV, Korea's national TV network, in their "In Frame" series. The twelve-part series followed mainly Magnum photographers around the country and when I was asked to do two episodes I agreed on one condition, I could work in the southern port city of Busan where my wife was born and later adopted. I spent an amazing and exhausting week there just after the end of the summer tourist...

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With my daughter Phoebe, summer solstice day, playing airplane and hoping my back can still hold her up. Shot on iPhone 8.


I'm sad to hear about the fire at the Aberdeen Museum of History that destroyed most of the building including the Kurt Cobain exhibit. Apparently destroyed was the couch Cobain used to sleep on, which I didn’t realize was part of the exhibit until...

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Images from an unpublished story I photographed in Shanghai in April, 2004. Sometimes it happens, I’ll run across an interesting story, spend a few days shooting it, then get tied up with other work and shelve it. 14 years later you rediscover it and see something interesting in the work. The photoessay was on the Xujiahui Cathedral (or St. Ignatius Cathedral) built in 1851 in Shanghai where in the 1960s during China's Cultural Revolution,...

North Korean refugees. China

In the spring of 2002 I traveled to the North Korean border, near the Chinese city of Yanji, for Time Magazine to report on North Korean refugees fleeing the country across the Tumen River. Here, a young North Korean boy, smuggled into China by human traffickers, enjoys some sunlight on his first morning in China. The hills behind are North Korea. Most of the refugees I met were in terrible shape - malnourished, lice infested, many with...

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Video grab from a shoot I just did in Anchorage with Alaska Airlines Cargo, using my favorite new piece of kit, a cherry picker!


There is, apparently, a hashtag for gear porn photos. I've never been much of a gear-head, and have never done such an image myself, but I'm about to head up to Alaska for an industrial, corporate and aviation shoot with a lot of variables and a ton of unknowns. What gear should I take?

All of it.


This photo was recently found in an old shoebox of mine. Taken in 1986 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while a student at the University of Michigan and back before I knew I wanted to be a photographer or even how to be a photographer. But I know I liked Nikon glass! Using a Nikon FA and sporting some serious Duran Duran hair.


Recent work for Summit Materials and Boxley. Shooting in Lynchburg, Virginia, documenting their operations from the mines to the roads. When ever I see their plants I can't help but imagine that pounding big rocks onto little rocks was probably one of the earliest businesses ever created!


I just returned from a two-day scout for a client, in Alaska at Anchorage's Airport. One important lesson I learned, it's always best to get off the runway when a Boeing 747-400 cargo is approaching for a landing! This photo, though, was taken as we drove across the runway with permission from air traffic control. But still, move quickly in such situations!


15 years ago my wife and I spent 3 months traveling through Southeast Asia, after living in Japan and Bangkok for over a decade. The Iraq War was underway when we arrived in Cambodia and combined with the SARS epidemic in Asia, the country had pretty much emptied of tourists leaving the temples of Angkor all but deserted. Th tourist interlude allowed me to explore the temples with my Nikon f/1.4 prime lenses - 28mm, 35mm, 50mm and an 85mm -...


After watching the Amazon Spheres being built for nearly two years, I finally got access to photograph them, and the best kind of access - the sole photographer allowed in for 8 hours of shooting. Walking in, though, my first reaction was I wouldn't have enough time. The sheer scale of the project and the constantly shifting lighting created myriads of possible images. It was really overwhelming.

The images were taken for...


Late last month I got an urgent call from a client asking that I fly quickly across the country to photograph some huge sand and granite operations in South Carolina for Summit Materials, one of the largest and fastest growing construction materials companies in the country. I had less than 24 hours to plan for the trip, book flights, rent a car and plan on...