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Work from an assignment in Novyy Urengoy, in Siberia, Russia, for BusinessWeek Magazine photographing a new pipeline bringing gas from Siberia to western Europe.

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I often get asked what’s the hardest story I’ve ever had to photograph. In 2008, I traveled with New York Times correspondent Bill Yardley to Chewelah, Washington to interview Jeffrey Schrock, 39 at the time, and a devout Mennonite. Mr Schrock and his wife had lost all five of their children in a car accident when a truck driven by Clifford Helm crossed a median on U.S. 395 and drove into oncoming lanes, hitting the Shrock family's truck. Mr....


Watch the first of two episodes I was featured in for Arirang TV, Korea's national TV network, in their "In Frame" series. The twelve-part series followed mainly Magnum photographers around the country and when I was asked to do two episodes I agreed on one condition, I could work in the southern port city of Busan where my wife was born and later adopted. I spent an amazing and exhausting week there just after the end of the summer tourist...

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A few years back The New York Times asked that I follow the cast and producers of HBO’s “Game of Thrones" around for a couple of days while they were on a tour to promote the new season of the show. Apparently I’m one of the few people who hadn’t seen it (and still haven’t, I don’t have cable!) so I knew little about the show and even less about the actors. This probably helped because unlike the thousands of screaming fans who showed up...

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The first time I saw Kyoto I didn’t realize I’d seen it. Staring out of the hermetically sealed windows of the Nozomi Super Express bullet train, there was no end to the miles of factories and sterile, cookie-cutter housing projects that sprawl from Tokyo to Osaka, via Kyoto. Occasionally I spotted a rice field or the roof tops of small Buddhist and Shinto temples. At nearly 200 mph they could just be glimpsed through the webs of power lines,...

Amazon Spheres Seattle

After spending a day earlier this summer photographing the interior of Amazon's new bio-Spheres here in Seattle I finally started shooting some exterior work for landscape architects Site Workshop. Working from dawn 'til dusk I tried to capture all the shifts in light and activity that happen around...

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I realize drones are all the rage these days but I’ll admit a serious prejudice against using them for aerial still photography. I call it the ‘big picture’, the ability to use a full resolution DSLR Nikon camera with high quality lenses that can cover both wide views and tighter views. Just try strapping that kind of gear to a drone!

I’m not totally against drones, they're great for video and low altitude work but if you want get high...

Herrera environmental consultants

Work from earlier this year with Herrera, a local environmental consulting firm. Nothing more fun that being invited to photograph at the county garbage dump! The images here were taken at the King County waste site with team members from Herrera helping the county protect the local environment. Not paid actors, real employees, at work; the kind of photo shoot...

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I got to enjoy every 3 year old kid's dream of playing with life-size Tonka toys this month, visiting another of Summit Materials quarries this time their largest one in British Columbia Canada, just north of my home base in Seattle. Sadly I could only photograph the machines, not drive them!

Alaska Air Cargo. Anchorage, AK

Final selects from an awesome shoot with Alaska Air Cargo, shooting their new 737 cargo conversions in Anchorage, AK. Pretty much a dream photo shoot since I've been a plane nerd since I was a kid, plus it was a great team to work with. Now I only have to convince them to return in the dead of winter to shoot the planes and cargo being loaded!

Space Needle

Our gorgeous Seattle Augusts have lost their deep blue skies only to be enveloped in a smokey haze. Still, it may have helped this image, flattening out the depth from Seattle's Space Needle to the nearby towers in Belltown. Taken today between assignments.

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A feature I photographed in 2006 for the New York Times on the decaying palaces of Kolkata, India (formerly Calcutta). It was the last project I shot on slide film, Fuji Provia 100. I would love to return and shoot digitally. Image gallery below.

LIGO - Aidan Brooks

Extreme because it was 110F outside when I photographed Dr. Aidan Brooks this week on the Hanford Nuclear reservation next to one of the 4km long tubes that contain the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory or LIGO.

The laser in the tubes can detect a change of less than a ten-thousandth the charge diameter of a proton, equivalent to measuring the distance from Earth to Proxima Centauri (24.94 trillion miles from earth)...

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With my daughter Phoebe, summer solstice day, playing airplane and hoping my back can still hold her up. Shot on iPhone 8.


I'm sad to hear about the fire at the Aberdeen Museum of History that destroyed most of the building including the Kurt Cobain exhibit. Apparently destroyed was the couch Cobain used to sleep on, which I didn’t realize was part of the exhibit until...

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