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Images from a recent shoot in San Diego for Portland-based design firm Walker Macy. I studied photography in Chicago where you learned very quickly about the marriage of photography and architecture, so I love shooting for architecture and design magazines & firms. I'm not hired as an classical architectural photographer though, but asked to use my documentary skills that show spaces being activated and reanimated through design. I go to...


It took many months but work I did earlier this year is finally up on Concur's homepage. Great team to work with, you can see on their homepage here.


My first assignment in Seattle was at Microsoft, assigned about two days after we moved here, by The New York Times. I suspect, one day, my last assignment will be there too. This time I went back to document how the company is redesigning office spaces in order to compete with Amazon and other local tech companies, for millennial talent. Apparently they need places to walk their dogs and cannot be further than 50 feet from a coffee shop....

Taschen "Explorer" book.

I got a nice spread in Taschen's new book "Explorer" on the Alaskan wilderness. Originally shot for The New York Times and edited, many moons ago, by the great Lonnie Schlein, who sent me off to the wilds of the Tongass National Forest on a wing and a prayer.


I have probably shot for 50 different newspapers over the years, including many overseas. It was a great honor this week to finally shoot an assignment for The Boston Globe; an honor because of the Globe's famous photo department and some of the incredible photographers and editors that have worked there over the years, including a friend Yunghi Kim. Story is on...


When I tell clients I don't do product photography what I mean to say is I don’t shoot heavily stylized product photography. The kind of shoots that take an entire day setting up lights to shoot a single object. I respect photographers who have the patience for that, it's just not for me. Having said that, I do shoot products in their working environment, organic images of tools or food in the real world. What I lack in patience for an all...


I don't shoot as much for The New York Times as I once did, but when I do, I get a nice big opener in the Friday Business section!


Yesterday, in a stunt about removing statues, a small group of alt-righters and Trump supporters decided to protest the infamous Lenin Statue standing in Fremont, Seattle, right near our home. The protestors failed to noticed a few big differences with the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, of course. 1. It's privately owned...


I finally checked out one of my most unusual image usages - a photo of the opening of Cannabis City, Seattle's first legal marijuana store, used by the owner on a commemorative brass plaque outside the store in Seattle's SODO district.

I probably didn't charge enough but I'll be honest, but how often do you get an offer to turn an image into brass outside a pot shop?

The original photo of James Lathrop celebrating his store's...


Photographing art installations around the Allen Institute for Brain Science's new headquarters in Seattle's booming and rapidly changing South lake Union district.


Watching my daughters playing I sometimes hear the Tom Wait's song "What's he building in there?" in my head. Here Phoebe was acting this out in the doll house my grandfather built in the 1930s for my mom. Refurbished in 2010 with all new wiring, floors and paint, the girls always building something in there. It's not a playhouse for the...


The forgotten story of Cambodia’s Lost Boyz in AmericaWelcomed to the U.S. as children, deported as adults - featured in Timeline


Just got back from 4 days in Las Vegas. Like a lot of folks, I have a love/hate relationship with the city; it's America's "ID" manifested in many dubious ways. However, hidden among all the tricky-tack and neon, the city has some real gems. One is architect David Rockwell's 80-ft. tall "treehouse" restaurant, called Mastro's, at Las Vegas' City Center. Here a 8-frame image of the structure, stitched together in Adobe Lightroom, shot on a...


On assignment on the roof of the Komo Plaza building, next to Seattle's iconic Space Needle. Thanks to my awesome assistant and photographer Hannah Wahl for the snap!


What's my best selling image over my 25 year career? Exclusive photos of Burmese Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi I took on the day of her release? Nope. My exclusive portraits of then up-and-coming actor Joseph Gordan-Levitt, taken during a one minute shoot in a Seattle hotel? Nope. Exclusive access I’ve had with various legendary CEOs in Seattle? Nope.

My best selling image, one that gets licensed at least once a month, even a decade...


I shot one of the installations at the Frye Art Museum for their "Genius" series. The beautiful final book just came out with a double page spread of one of my images included. Many thanks to the editors.