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Things I won't do again

Things I won't do again: ride my motorcycle into a small Japanese town right after a nuclear accident. Luckily the Geiger counter gave me a clean bill of health. Tokai-mura, Japan. 1999. On assignment for Newsweek Magazine.

I still think about the people I photographed over the two days I was in Tokai. The years of fear they've had to live with since the accident, but the calm way the villagers lined up the day after the accident to be tested for radiation. I had only lived in Japan for a couple of years at this point, but I learned a lot about the country and its people during the accident. The good - the stoicism and calm when dealing with the accident, and the bad - the coverup and lies from local authorities and nuclear agencies involved.

It was, of course, only a preview of what would happen in Fukushima many years after I left Japan.

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